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Our company has many active projects available. We are excited to share them with you!


Veritas Conspiracy

Veritas Conspiracy is a multiplayer online game, currently in development, where you play as a hacker 20 years from now in a world where technology has taken over everything. Corporations run most of the governments, which has caused major corruption across the world. As a hacker you are hired by these corporations to do missions, good or bad, to try to become the most successful you can in this crazy world. Who can you trust?

We are currently looking for developers to join our team. If you are interested, in joining the dev team or helping in any way, please drop us an email at jgager@veritasconspiracy.com

You can find our current development timeline here.

Open Source

Java Ultimate Tools

Java Ultimate Tools is a large repository of scripts for use in any Java program.

Sharp Ultimate Tools

SharpUltimateTools is a large repository of scripts for use in any C# program.