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JUT – Databases

What is Java Ultimate Tools – Databases?

Java Ultimate Tools – Databases allows for easier connection to databases and uses the package com.jgcomptech.tools.databases.

Base Features

Features List


Want to contribute? Great! Any help with development is greatly appreciated. If you want to add something or fix any issues please submit a pull request and if it is helpful it may be merged. Please check out our Code of Conduct for Contributors.


The documentation for JUT is currently a work in progress and new changes will be occurring soon.


JavaDoc Text

Using With Maven

If you are familiar with Maven, add the following XML fragments into your pom.xml file. With those settings, your Maven will automatically download our library into your local Maven repository, since our libraries are synchronized with the Maven central repository.

compile 'com.jgcomptech.tools:java-ultimate-tools-databases:2.0.0'
compile(group = "com.jgcomptech.tools", name = "java-ultimate-tools-databases", version = "2.0.0")
libraryDependencies += "com.jgcomptech.tools" % "java-ultimate-tools-databases" % "2.0.0"
<dependency org="com.jgcomptech.tools" name="java-ultimate-tools-databases" rev="2.0.0" />
  @Grab(group='com.jgcomptech.tools', module='java-ultimate-tools-databases', version='2.0.0')

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