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About Us

J&G CompTech is a home based business started in 2010. I started this company with the goal of helping people understand technology and to be able to make their lives easier. Over the years I have learned everything I could about web hosting and design and software development. Currently I am proficient in Java and C# and many web software, like WordPress, PHPBB, MyBB and Media Wiki to name a few. I enjoy software development and use it as an outlet for my creativity. I love learning new things and if I can help someone because of that knowledge it is even better. Thanks for checking out our site and I hope to be able to help you any way I can. I am open to any questions or concerns about anything. As they say the only stupid question is one not asked. Also if you need help or tips with any project you are working on feel free to ask as I would enjoy the opportunity to help you learn something new.

Thanks Again,

Joshua Gager

CEO/Lead Developer


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